Cody, Cara, Cale and Callie Jensen
1331 120th St
Plainfield, IA 50666
319.276.3234 (h)
319.415.5734 (c)
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Jensen Georgina 643 of FAF
Res Champion heifer 2017 Mississippi Valley Fair
Shown By Coryn Wilson

Jensen Erica 669 of FAF
Res Champion Angus Heifer 2017 Minnesota State Fair
Res Champion Angus Heifer 2017 Minnesota State Fair FFA Show
Shown By David Hassing

Jensen Georgina 6117 of FAF
Res Senior heifer calf 2017 Minnesota State Fair
Division Champion B/O 2017 Iowa Angus Junior Show
Class winner 2017 NJAS B/O Show
Res Champion B/O 2017 Southern Iowa Angus Show Day 2
Supreme Champion heifer 2017 Bremer County Fair
Shown By Cale Jensen

Jensen Erica 15107 of FAF
Supreme Champion Female Mississippi Valley Fair
Shown By Coryn Wilson

Jensen Erica 1578 of FAF
Supreme Champion Floyd County Fair
Res Angus Donnellson
Champion Angus and Res Supreme Boone
Class winner Iowa State Fair FFA Show
Many time Class winner
Shown By Kelli Wicks

Jensen Erica 591 of FAF
Champion B/O Iowa Angus Preview
Senior Calf Champion Iowa Angus Preview Open Show
Res Senior Calf Champion Iowa State Fair
Supreme Champion Bremer County Fair
Shown By Cale Jensen

Jensen Shadoe 1553 of FAF
Res Champion B/O Eastern Iowa Jr Angus Show
Res Champion B/O Southern Iowa Jr Angus Show
Shown by Cale Jensen

Jensen Shadoe 1423 of FAF
Champion Nebraska State Fair open show
Champion Nebraska State Fair open Junior Show
Res Division 7 National Junior Angus Show
Champion Tennessee Angus Preview
Shown by David Smith

Jensen Shadoe 1442 of FAF
Champion Angus And Supreme Champion Big-4-Fair
Second In class National Junior Angus Show
Shown by Madison Smith

Jensen Lut 1476
Champion Nebraska State Angus Show
Champion Mid Nebraska Spring Beef Show
Res Nebraska Cattlemens Classic
Res Nebraska State Fair
Shown by Savanna Schafer

Greiman Jensen Proven Queen 9
Calf Champion 2013 Iowa State Fair
Calf Champion 2013 Minnesota State Fair
Champion Angus and 5th overall 2013 Badger Kick Off
Junior CalF Champion 2014 NWSS Junior Show
Res Grand Indiana State Preview Show 2014
Res Champion 2014 Indiana State fair  4-H Show
Res Div 2014 Indiana state Fair Open Show
Shown by Kade Patton and Owned with Kaylann Ganskee

Jensen Erica 1345 of FAF
Res Champion 2013 NECC Livestock Show
Res Champion 2014 Nebraska Jr. Cattlemens Classic
Res Champion Sneak-A-Peak 2014
Res Champion Mid Nebraska Spring Beef Show
Surpreme Female 2014 Seward Calf Classic
Champion 2014 Nebraska State Fair 4-H Show

JAF Lookout 1259
Grand Champion Bull 2013 Iowa Beef Expo
Purchased by Sajko Farms

JAF Georgina 1270 of FAF
Reserve Champion Heifer Northeast Iowa Junior Angus Show
Class Winner Sioux Falls Empire
Shown by Carly Main, IA

JAF Bessie 906
• Champion Angus & 5th Overall
Badger Kick OFF
•2nd In Class
•Class Winner
Iowa State Fair
•Res Grand
MN State Fair
• Purchased by Bobby May and Mark Sneed
• Shown By Emma Vickland, CO

JAF Bessie 805
• Champion Nebraska State Junior Angus Field Day
•Supreme Champion
Cass County Fair, Nebraska
• Res. Junior Division
2009 Iowa State Fair
• 2nd class 2009 NJAS
• Many times champion or reserve heifer in Nebraska
• Champion Angus Heifer Nebraska State Fair 4-H Show
• Res Champion Angus Heifer Nebraska State Fair Open Show
Champion Cow/calf
NE Junior Angus Show
• Champion Cow/calf
Iowa And NE State fair

• Shown By Savanna Schaffer, Nebraska

JAF New Look
• Champion Western National Angus Futurity, Reno NV; Kansas Angus Field Day; Kansas AGR; Res Kansas Beef Expo Both Days

Shown By Kyleigh Santee, Kansas

JAF Erica 819
Res. Champion Iowa Beef Expo
• Class winner Central Regional angus show.
• Class winner Both days Iowa Angus Preview
• Res Grand Minnesota State Fair 2009
Shown By Ashley Hunter, Iowa

JAF Primrose 723
• Reserve Grand Furtirity Heifer at the Angus Preview Show

JAF Midland 720
• Shown by Kyleigh Santee Kansas
• Champion Angus Steer 2007 Kansas beef Expo Both Days
• Won Grand or Reserve 10 times

JAF Rito Maid 707
• Shown by Savana Schafer, NEB
• High selling heifer Sharing in the progress Sale VOL IIII
• Many time Champion heifer in Nebraska
• Reserve Grand Nebraska State Jr. Show
• Class Winner at the Iowa and Nebraska State Fairs

JAF Forever Belle 719
• Shown by Tessa Mittag, IA
• Champ Angus at Norfork, NE
• Champ Angus Adair Co Fair
• Class Winner Iowa State Fair

JAF Erica 620
High selling heifer in the 2006 Sharing in the progress at $4800 to Trausch Farms, IA

JAF Queen 504
• Overall Grand Champion Heifer, Coastal Plains Show, N.C.
• Champion Angus N.C.
Junior Angus Show
• Res. Div.
Junior Beef Show, N.C.
• Class winner N.C. State Fair
• Shown by Garrett Jones, N.C.

JAF Scrappy
• High Selling Steer 2004 Sharing in the Progress

JAF Queen 314
• Res. Grand SW WIS Angus Classic
• Champion Angus 2004 ISF 4-H Show
• Shown By Katie Jensen

JAF Suzy
• Class Winner 1996 National Junior Angus Show
• Div Champion Junior Show American Royal
• Res. Div Open Show American Royal
• Shown By us.

JAF Bessie 3310
• Res. Div SW WIS Angus Classic
• 2nd in Class National Junior Angus Show
• Res. Grand AK-SAR-BEN
• Many Times Champion Cow Calf in '05
• Shown By Katie Jensen

JAF Erica 603
• Res. Eastern IA Jr. Angus Show
• Res. Hawkeye Jr. Angus Show
• Res. SE IA Jr. Angus Show
• Class Winner National Junior Angus Show
• Shown By Katie Jensen

JAF Lutton 630
• Kansas Beef Expo-----3rd
• Kansas Angus Futurity----Res. Champion Angus
• Finney County Spring Show----Champion Angus
• Dickinson County Spring Show----Champion Angus
• Sunflower Showdown Ring A----Champion Angus
• Sunflower Showdown Ring B----Champion Angus
• Kansas Angus Preview Show----Champion Angus
• NJAS----2nd in class
• Reno County 4-H fair----Res. Champion Overall
• Butler County Open Show----Grand Champion Overall
• Kansas State Fair----Champion Angus
• Shown By Kyleigh Santee, KS

JAF Queen 403
• Res. Grand 2005 Iowa Angus Preview Open Show
• Res. Div. 2005 National Junior Angus Show, B&O Show
• Owned With Weaver Angus Farm, Ill
• Shown By Katie Jensen


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